Coming from the streets of Italy and self teaching production, Sickmode has literally worked his way up from the bottom. From a small interest into a full time career, from a dream into a reality. He started his career as Malice which was formerly known as a duo, creating hits like ‘Aggressive Acts’, ‘Watch Your Back’, ’Brutalized’ and ‘Rawstars’ along the way.

After many years together, the decision was made to separate and allow him to follow his own unique sound and go his own path. This is when the name Sickmode was created. With his game changing music he is continually shocking the scene with his powerful and exclusive style. Providing jaw dropping, energetic sets that leave you walking away in disbelief. He really has something for everyone.

He produced hits like ‘Klaplongen’ and ‘TOO HOT’ and he annually releases a mini album called ‘Hey X’ filled with the freshest sounds. He is always aiming to better himself and continue to set trends and follow his unique style.